Frozen Iron: The Icy Shores


By Lire Freemont

We are not alone. That’s not really surprising, but good to know all the same. There’s at least one significant group of things like us in the area built around courts, and apparently at least one mob of indeps keen on abducting recently returned clueless kids like us. The twitchy, paranoid gargoyle is convinced we’re in terrible danger and he’s probably right, but whatever. As far as me & Royal are concerned, danger or not, there’s a hell of a lot of opportunity too.

I think we’re on the right track now, well most of us. Royal got hugely fucked up trying to save one of our would-be captors from some Things in the Hedge. We got him to a hospital though, and he’s got this smirk that shines through all the drugs and says he knows how much of a crazy bad-ass stunt he pulled. I’m not sure how we’ll get him out when they finally start asking about who he is and how he’s going to pay, but we’ll think of something.

One thing is abundantly clear – we need to stick together, or we all get fucked one by one. The group of ‘pirates’ we ran into was bad enough. Stupid confidence game. They pretend they’re our friends and get us drinking and then snatch Zai when our guard’s down. Whoever’s in these courts are likely to pretend to be our friends as well and will probably try to play a longer game. They won’t just try getting us drunk and dragging us through a bathroom mirror, though.



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