Frozen Iron: The Icy Shores

Sam's First Day

I made it!

I made it! I’m out! It got bad for a minute there, I was falling back down toward…

But then I was out! I found the bush of shiny berries, I found the door, and I was gone. There were a bunch of others there, making their little noises and standing around wasting time. When they blundered through the door after me with their big shiny “look at me” torch, they damn near got us all killed. They were just lucky those hobs didn’t feel like eating us.

The hobs made us search the place and find useful things. I found a hat just sitting around, and a mirror on a wall. Then the hat went away, but I found it again. Then it went away again, but I found it another time. I put it on the pretty one for safekeeping, and it stopped going away.

The nasty thing tried to stop me, and I had to keep going back to get my people. They kept trying to wander off, like they didn’t know where we were supposed to be going. All that talking, and they couldn’t figure out the simplest things. I found the hobs, I lost my people. I got my people back, and then they fell down again. Some people just don’t have any respect for what I’m trying to do.

Then we sat in the boat and they babbled and babbled. Then the angry one told us he knew the way out, but he went all the wrong way. I only followed him because he wouldn’t go the right way, and I just got these people, I don’t want to lose them yet.

Then they tried to get themselves killed again. Stupid people don’t even know what a Fetch is. Being all surprised when they see one. They made me TALK to them about why we had to run. No respect, just no respect at all.

Then I found my clothes, and my food, and my pretty crayons. They tried to hide from me behind a door, but I wouldn’t let them go. I know better than to let my things get away from me. Then the angry one and the narcissistic one made us go into a bar. I’m glad they did, because I found my wallet there! It was in some stranger’s pocket. I don’t know how it got there, or why he got so angry after I took it back, but now I have some of my money again. That’s important in this world, I remember.

Now some of my people went away. I just have the pretty one and the quiet one now. But they say the other two will be coming back to us, I just have to find us all a place to sleep. I think I remember sleeping. I think I used to like it…



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