Jenny Twice-Cut

The Unbending Lord of Wrath, Nametaker, Slayer of Keepers


The Ballad of Jenny Twicecut
by Emilia Beat

The First Cut took her Hope
All for a baby’s breath…
The Second Cut took her sight
And left her there for death.
But Jenny, she was stronger
And swore a pact with Wrath.
And Jenny, who was vengeful
Marched down the old warpath
Her hair of flashing crimson
Reflecting all the Sun’s might
Her swords and guns and axes
To devour her Keeper’s light
The first cut took his lungs
All for a baby’s breath
The second cut took his sight
But that was not his death
The third cut took his tongue
So he could tell no more lies
The fourth cut took his heart
Though it was small in size.
The fifth cut took his name
To never be spoken again.


Jenny Twice-Cut

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