Tchizul and Fred

Representative of Bobbart and Tobbart Inc.


Tchizul, aka Bobbart when appearing in official capacity, is an enterprising franchisee of Bobbart and Tobbart Inc., “Dungeons Delved, Wrecks Wreckovered, Phees Payed Up Front”. He is short, slender and covered in gills and slime, yet has a lot of pep for his stature. He is always accompanied by his fellow franchisee Fred, a tall, skeletally thin hob that looks like a humanoid eel with long bony arms. Fred is clearly the less assertive of the pair.

The two have made a pledge with the motley to have each of them deliver a case of Coors (NOT Schlitz) at some point in the next 5 weeks to a hob named Sularzo.

Tchizul and Fred

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