The Bagman

The Drowned One, The Hollow Lord, King of Wrecks and Rats


The Bagman is a Fae associated with drowning and the useless struggle that people make to resist their fate. While he is indeed associated with the literal elements of drowning (cold, dark water, bloated bodies, drowned rats, etc.) he associates himself with the more metaphorical “rat race” that people engage in. Trying to keep above towering piles of paper work, trying to overcome relentless deadlines, even trying to keep food on the table while the bills mount up, all of these are drowning and all of these are the Hollow Lord’s own.

The Bagman likes to hollow out his victims with the seemingly endless supply of rats that he commands and use them as horrifying living “suits” when he goes on sojourns to the real world. Some say that there is another suit that he wears in Fairie made of burlap spun by twisted, spider like ratkings, but few have seen this suit and lived to tell the tale. The extra suits can be animated at will to be his skinlings.

The Bagman

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