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  • The Court of Winter

    Minnesota is often remembered as one of the coldest states in the union, and Duluth is no exception. The Winter court is very powerful in Duluth not only due to the cold temperatures but also because of the populace’s general emotional state. “Minnesota …

  • Alice Goldschmidt

    Alice is the sunscourer for the [[The Court of Winter|Winter Court]], which means that she cleans up messes. Whether it's legal trouble, an unsightly body or just a person to clear up those zoning regulations Alice is your girl... for a price.

  • Bob

    Bob (if that is his real name) is a short, solid Changeling who in his mortal life works at one of Duluth's high schools as a guidance counselor and athletics coach. In his fae life he also offers guidance as a point of contact for new Lost to Duluth's …