The Court of Autumn

Fall is the season of fear and magic, of exploring the unknown. The hedge around Duluth is one of the wildest and strangest known to the fae thanks to the strange effects that iron has had on its surroundings. The Autumn court of Duluth, like most, is focused on learning the true nature of the Wyrd and using its power against their former Keepers. In keeping with this they often study the nature of the Hedge and perform dark rituals in its depths, all with the sole purpose of driving the Fae from their shores.

The other courts fear Autumn for the eldritch magics and reportedly unspeakable rituals that they engage in. While none would say that they weren’t indispensable to the Freehold’s protection, there are many who would rather have nothing to do with the sorcerers and warlocks that fill its ranks. But still, if some favor of a more eldritch favor is needed or a fae just needs that little bit of edge against some adversary, it’s always to the court of magic that they come crawling.

This being said, there are certain rumors that the magics that Autumn is delving into really should be left alone. Tales of blood soaked abandoned houses, young lovers torn apart by cruel blades and curious mortals wandering too far into the woods at night just disappearing have disturbingly been tracked back to the Court rather than to the Fae or to privateer bands. The Court denies any such involvement, but the rumors persist…

Organizational Structure

Magister Primaris (leader): Ravel

Headsman: Content Not Found: black_john

Ranger: Content Not Found: thorn_scout

Minister of Shadows: Content Not Found: catherine_flicker

Initiate of the Shadowed Path: Content Not Found: julia_swoop

The Court of Autumn

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