The Court of Spring

The Emerald Crown is in charge of the desires of whatever city they are stationed in, and in Duluth/Superior that desire is to escape. Either escape from a dead end job in a dead end town, escape from long, brutal winters, or escape from a life without true emotional expression. And, like many areas in America today, a main source of escape is drugs.

The particular poison that the Court purveys has varied over the years, including everything from alcohol during Prohibition (and, to be fair, still a popular one) to the crystal meth and weed that is so popular and easy to create in modern times. The drugs help free open inhibitions and help people explore their desires, while at the same time creating a dependence that the Court can feed off of for a long time. Owing to Winter’s stranglehold over the area, the emotion of dependency and the desire for a fix tastes better to the northern, embittered fae of Duluth.

Controlling the drug trade also make sure that those most at risk of being entranced by a True Fae’s tender care are being watched after and are controlled. One or two members of Spring are interested in curing their charges of these desires and replacing them with something better, but the truth is that there will always be more people looking for a quick fix than for redemption.

This is not to say that the Emerald Crown forces its members to be in the drug trade- Spring’s courtiers have always been a fickle lot, and the pursuit of individual happiness and fulfillment takes priority. Members, especially newer ones, will be asked to help out the Court’s dealings so that they can still pay the bills and retain influence in the mortal world.

Organizational Structure

Leader: The Vernal Sovereign, Edward “Eddie” Nightcap

Knight-Joyeaux: George Plum

The Court of Spring

Frozen Iron: The Icy Shores Darc