The Court of Winter

Minnesota is often remembered as one of the coldest states in the union, and Duluth is no exception. The Winter court is very powerful in Duluth not only due to the cold temperatures but also because of the populace’s general emotional state. “Minnesota Nice” is not so nice if you boil away the false pretenses and passive-aggressive tendencies. Everyone has a secret that they don’t want coming out into the open, even if it’s a small one. Also, there’s plenty to be sad about this far north. The economy is tanking, people are worried about their homes, winter hangs over everything… life’s pretty good for the Obsidian Throne. The Court tends to opt for employment that is transient in nature, but a few courtiers have opened up bars in Superior, the better to hear gossip and spread sorrow through drink.

Winter is the dominant court in Duluth, and as such sets many of the policies in the freehold. These rules are all focused on one thing- making sure that the freehold can blend in seamlessly with the mortal population. If the Fae can’t find you, you’re safe, reasons the Winter court, and the immigrant changelings that travel north feel similarly.

Winter helps hold this claim as well as temper the excesses of the other courts by gathering as much information as they can on any threats/opportunities, then parcels it out to the other courts on a “need to know” basis. Some of the courts resent Winter for taking it upon themselves to determine what the other courts should know, but few can deny that the resources that Winter has at its disposal are far superior to anything that the other courts can come up with. It also helps that they are very much tied into governmental agencies and can easily find fake documentation for new changelings, raising their esteem among newcomers and holding a heavy cudgel over the others.

Organizational Structure

The Lord Unbidden (leader): Marrianne of the Castle Walls

Sunscourer (cleanup): Alice Goldschmidt

The Court of Winter

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