Truefriend counselor and point of contact for the Winter Court


Beast Truefriend


Bob (if that is his real name) is a short, solid Changeling who in his mortal life works at one of Duluth’s high schools as a guidance counselor and athletics coach. In his fae life he also offers guidance as a point of contact for new Lost to Duluth’s freehold. He’ll help answer questions and get them in contact with resources and will try to advise them on proper courses of action.

Bob is also “going stealth”, meaning he has integrated in with his former family and is a big proponent of the idea, though there is some definite sadness behind his eyes.

His mien shows a pug-like face with a thick mustache and square rimmed glasses that make his already bugged out eyes seem even bigger. He’s almost always carrying a styrofoam cup of coffee.


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