Manhattan Sam

Talky Brewer Privateer (Deceased)


High social stats, middling mental traits, Dex weighted physical
Good at carousing, sleight of hand, subterfuge, persuasion and street talk.

Contracts: Animation 2, Mirror 2, Trading Luck for Fate

Trifles: Bilefruit, Sweetblood


A Wizened Brewer that works with the Superior Sea Shipping and Holding Company. Very large eyes, but tiny hands attached to stretched out, intricately tattooed arms. Is generally sent out to capture newly arrived Lost, intoxicating them and then working with other members of the crew to carry them to the boat. Likes to get marks to talk about themselves and particularly likes to trap alpha males. Has the name because, as she likes to say, she was captured in New Orleans for “a load of beads and $24 worth of shots.”

Deceased after a failed raiding party.

Manhattan Sam

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